Who We Are?

We are Somali Professional Reporters who have a great Experience in the field of Journalism and broadcasting media, we are based in Somaliland where the media is free and fire and we hope to promote development and freedom of speech.

Founder and The Webmaster : Abdikarim Saed Salah Regional Reporter in Somaliland Works for Horn Cable TV and Geeska Afrika Journal

Our Mission
To Cover Somaliland News Somalia News

Our Vision
To Cover Africa News Updates and around the world

Our Staff
There are more journalist around country which will prepare daily update news.

You can reach our staff at:


Swedan Stockhom

Hargeysa, Capital City Of Somaliland also regions like Berbera sahil region, Burco Togdheer Region, Erigavo Sanaag Region, Borama Awdal Region also Gabiley and Lascaanood regions
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