President Bihi "The Somaliland and Somalia talks We Stopped because the Government of Somalia has taken a hostile attack on our own" +Pictures

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    President Bihi "The Somaliland and Somalia talks We Stopped because the Government of Somalia has taken a hostile attack on our own" +Pictures

    Hargeysa ( President of the Republic of Somaliland Mr. Moses Bihi Abdi present today at the two Houses of the Parliament of the Republic of Somaliland Constitutional Speech Of The Year

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Muse Bihi Abdi Somaliland President
Hargeysa ( President of the Republic of Somaliland Mr. Moses Bihi Abdi present today at the two Houses of the Parliament of the Republic of Somaliland Constitutional Speech Of The Year
Constitutional Speech Of President Of Somaliland 

President of the Republic of Somaliland Mr. Moses Bihi Abdi-25 March 2018


The Presidents and the Elders of the Dignitaries,


I am honored and proud to be present today at the two Houses of the Parliament of the Republic of Somaliland which I call on to the 2018 constitutional constitution.


Ladies and Gentlemen, we are the President of the Republic of Somaliland, have clearly set out clear plans for the parties:


1. Security.

2. Foreign Policy.

3. Economy and Development.

4. Economic Infrastructure.

5. Social Issues.

6. Good governance and administration.

7. Justice and Justice.

8. Drought and Climate Change.

9. Elections

10. Media.


While our government has only 100 days in the national administration, we have shown a significant change in the improvement of the governance and governance system, and its implementation as a basis for the co-operation and efforts of all sectors of the government and support for the people.


Over the course of the brief, we have taken concrete steps, such as accelerating the Berbera Port Agreement, which will have a significant impact on the economy and business of Somaliland.

The agreement was signed by three parties. It will soon begin with major projects to bring economic and employment to the country.


It also stressed that the National Armed Forces have crossed the border into the eastern region, with the help of the Sool region in the process. That is why we thank the people of Sool.


The Somali government has been hit by a loud alarm, with the international community expressing its grave concern over Somaliland's violations. However, efforts to show the world that we have entered into the fact that the Republic of Somaliland is not no violations, including dalkeediina and also 60km from sokeyso xadkeedii.


It is also reminiscent that our neighboring countries and other friendly countries are increasingly honored and honored. That's why the long-awaited efforts of the Somaliland people to peace, development and free elections. We are confident that the peaceful election of the people of Somaliland will change the leadership of the Republic of Somaliland.


This government, by implementing the will of the people, clearly explicitly condemns the international governments that Somaliland does not discriminate against Somaliland.


Government Plans:


1. Security


Ladies; We are committed to focus on securing the borders (land, sea, and air) in order to establish the existence of national stability and security stability in the Republic.


Our policy is always in the hands of regional states in the Horn of Africa and the rest of the world, to work together to strengthen peace, neighborly protection, lack of intervention and trade cooperation.

In order to maintain the security and stability in the country, we are all obligated, as we are a government, lawmakers, salafists, intellectuals, elders, scholars, youth, women and the public, we must work together for peace- cohabitation of our people against the horns. I am asking the Somaliland people to be brotherhood, hold hands together, and trust each other.


Ladies and Gentlemen


Somaliland is one, only a nation. One person, a group and a tribe are greater than ours. Therefore, we have no obligation to protect the nation from harm.


In order to secure the security of our country, it is our intention to initiate collaborations with the Security and Civil Institutions, with our policy to provide public awareness programs to the public, to work with the Security Forces. It also focuses on strengthening and enhancing the security agencies.


We are committed to strengthening, reinforcing, and upgrading services in various police departments, to fully empower internal security and crime prevention.


More recently, there have been a number of smaller youth groups, which carry out criminal activity in urban areas that are damaging the city's stability. It has led to poverty and unemployment.


To looga benefit muscle and brain young, we started the National Employment Plan (National Service). We started the budget to implement the National Workshop.


Ladies and gentlemen,


In terms of security and stability in the country, first of all, the clan-based conflicts and tribal conflicts should be stopped.

The last clan fighting has killed more than 90 people, 
And many more were injured. Our nation is not easy for us to save people die, and also to cancel out conflict.


Look, what are we from the clan conflicts? It is evacuated, it is Goblan, it is Esau, it is an orphan and a vastness of poverty, we pray to the shame and the hands behind it.

We are also losing lives and livelihoods with us increasingly accidents. In the past year, 2,258 car accidents killed 160 people and injured at least 1,956 people.

I have been tasked with the Ministry of Transport and Development to take immediate action to control traffic accidents.
Providing a driver's license, only learned how to drive, and a stronger test result.
Similarly, it is our duty to travel our roads only to the technical quality of the vehicle that is guaranteed to be able to secure life and money. The government is committed to carrying out the Code of Conduct.

In recent years, the country has been ramping up in the country, a serious crime that has gained popularity among girls. Only in the year of 2017 there were 80 rape cases in the country, which resulted in 100 defendants. And most of the defendants who brought this bad attitude to us, are young people who understand. We are going through a difficult fight to eradicate it.

We live in this world, every country is regarded as much as its military power. Today, despite the fact that our military equipment and equipment are high, we still do not reach our targets. However, God has given people the opportunity to sacrifice themselves for the national defense. We have a national army that can defeat any enemy of our country.

It is an army of more than forty years (40) years of independence and national defense of the Republic of Somaliland. They have alert, a warrior, a strong mood, a resilience of complex situations and a bold decision-making.

Brothers, government and the people, we need to take care of the building and care of the National Army we are sleeping.
2. Foreign Policy

The foreign policy of the country lies on four pillars:

1. Receive international recognition.
2. To strengthen our relations with neighboring countries, the IGAD Regional Council, the African Union, the Arab States, the Organization of Islamic Countries, the European Union, and all other nations.
3. Somaliland receives bi-lateral and multi-lateral support.
4. Somaliland receives Direct Investment, Foreign Investment.

Our Foreign Policy is based on a good neighborly and equal opportunity, we are always ready to provide security, peace and stability in the region and the world.

The people of Somaliland are experiencing the suffering and the bitterness of the conflict as well as the security and value of peace.

During my brief period, I traveled to Djibouti, Ethiopia and the United Arab Emirates. We discussed the three governments in strengthening our good relationship.

We agreed to strengthen our relations in security, trade and economy. We have also stated that Somaliland is a country that meets the requirements of the National Convention. Therefore, they have the right to be recognized. We thank Ethiopia, Djibouti and the United Arab Emirates for their dignity and their contribution to our mission.

The United Arab Emirates also thank you for investing in our country. DP World Expansion and Modernization of the Berbera Port, is a development step for the Republic of Somaliland and the region.

We thank the United Arab Emirates, their leaders and their people for their generous contribution to the people of the Republic of Somaliland. With their media coverage throughout the world, the history of the Republic of Somaliland, the Peace, democracy and economic development of our country.

Somaliland and Somalia talks

The Somaliland and Somalia talks, which were initially scheduled to begin on March 19th, 2018, have stopped, because the Government of Somalia has taken a hostile attack on our own.
Naked men in the attack carried out, international law and we all know that our work is built. Hassan Sheikh Mohamud elected delegations from four regional administrations, while Farmajo elected delegates from six regional administrations. The Republic of Somaliland, since 1991, has never been there, and the international community knows it.

3. Economy and Development

When we talk about performance and development, it's based on financial resources. The country can not be built without financial resources. Therefore, we are committed to developing economic resources and manufacturing (Livestock, Agriculture, Fisheries, Fisheries and Sub-Saharan Africa).
Our government is working to encourage investment in domestic and foreign investments. We think investment will make us a great boost to the growth of the economy and youth employment, we have created the Ministry of Development Promotion.

We will initiate the tax system and safeguard the country's revenue sources from both direct and indirect, with the first steps taken.
We are strengthening the revenue stream scheme. We will fight hard against corruption in any way.

We have prepared the 2018 Budget year, based on the Public Financial Management System, and this week to the House of Representatives.

In the budget of 34% we have allocated for the development of the country. We will strengthen the Central Bank's ability. The World Bank is governed by the Central Bank. The Central Bank is responsible for the foreign currency exchange, protecting the general economy of the country, approves the establishment of a private banking and government-owned private sector, loans, and development banks.

Tax is the backbone of the government. Therefore, it is mandatory to pay for any taxable income. In order to enable the country's income and needs to be met, a comprehensive tax is required. we 
the fight to musuqo and looga value of interest tax. It is a challenge that needs a bit of fighting and cooperation.

The collapse of the Somaliland shilling is a major challenge for the community, especially for the poor. Therefore, we designated a special committee to find a solution. After consulting with a large number of professionals, they have issued decisions that we consider would change the value of the Shillings. The implementation of these decisions started March 13, 2018.

Most of the time the hard work begins, it comes with unexpected articles. Completion of the process comes from the market exchange trader. There were some companies who had a lot of electronic money for their customers. As the money goes to all over the country, it's been a few days, and we've decided to close this issue on this 26th of this month. We are very grateful to all foreign exchange firms that have a patriotic role in us.

They have taken us very seriously and they have accepted the public interest in their country.

4. Economic Infrastructure

Ports, roads, and airports are of great importance to economic, trade and social integration. Therefore, we are planning to complete the road linking Burao to Erigavo, which now has ten kilometers of bridges. The road is very important for the nation.

Also the length of the country's governing power has been repairing 60 kilometers of one-way street, Hallaysa and Da'ar-budhuq.

We also plan to launch a year-long trade route between Berbera and Wajaale (Berbera Corridor), which will facilitate Somaliland becoming part of the economic and social integration of the Horn of Africa region.

5. Social issues

A. Youth

According to the population of Somaliland, 70% are young people aged 15-35. Therefore, we know that young people are the strengths and disabilities of the nation, and we are well prepared to prepare for them in the future. They must have access to quality education in the world. Likewise, we must develop our intellectual and intellectual potential, and prepare them to lead the country's leadership and development, and that is why we are one of the key pillars of our government to educate young people.

Our government, due to the widespread unemployment in the country, continues to reform the Labor Code. When this scheme is finished, a work can be done by a citizen, we do not allow a foreigner.

We have recently established the Youth Development Fund, which we have put into a two-billion-dollar shilling Somaliland. This fund is funded by young people with a genuine commercial potential that can lead to job creation. At present, the completion of the process we are engaged to manage the Fund, and the system looga requires anyone applying for funding from the Youth Development Fund. I suggest that the Government and the Government should be incorporated into the Youth Development Fund.

Similarly, we have begun the National Workshop to spend one billion SLR each month to earn a total of 12 billion Somaliland Shillings from the National Employment Program. This program will be attended by high school students and universities. The main objectives of this program include facilitating the integration of young people in Somaliland and students to work experience and to take advantage of their country's expertise.

B. Education.

Known as the world's countries, they are increasingly progressing toward education. Therefore, it is important for our education to adapt to the development and modernization of the modern world.
Our government is planning to improve and revise the curriculum of the country and to get a Learning Policy based on the needs of the country.

To target a dedicated, accessible education and modern education, we have launched every student in comprehensive schools to receive free state education curriculum. That's up to 1.2 billion SL.SH, annually.

It is also planned by the government:
• Improve the care of the teacher in terms of living and the quality of his / her knowledge.

• Prioritize the importance of technical education, so that young people have access to skills they have to work on. Therefore, we will rehabilitate and rebuild the technical schools of Burao and Hargeisa. 
We also aim to develop a technical school that provides quality education in every state.

• We encourage readers from Somaliland students, and we are implementing public libraries.

• We will also improve and improve the quality of education in the country, to compete with the world community.

C. Health.

 Knowing the importance of healthcare for every community;

✓ Knowing what is most valuable and desirable to be cared for is the life of mankind;
 Know the circumstances and health problems in the country;

Our government is committed to the solution of the problems and challenges of the country's health system and health services.

Our vision is to get a better health service to citizens of Somaliland, until maternal mortality and infant mortality can be reduced by 50%, if allowed by God.

To verify this aspect;

• We will increase the number of doctors who operate in the country, because, according to the Patience-doctor ratio, while a doctor at one health clinic comes close to 13,500 a patient.

• We will focus on the expertise and expertise of Somaliland's doctors.

• We will enforce the opening of a health facility, so that the person's health and the health of citizens can not enter into business.

• We will accelerate the capacity and effectiveness of health services provided by the country's hospitals.

• We will improve and improve the Quality Control Agency. In order to ensure the quality and quality of medicines, food and all kinds of chemicals in the country.

D. Water.
As a matter of fact, the water is one pound of human life, and in many parts of the country there is a wide range of water needs. Climate changes resulted in poor rainfall. Once the rain shortages from drought cross in. Drought and thirst are the same. There is a growing gap in our existing reserves and our ability to stop water and water drainage. It is in fact the majority of the country that there is strong water supply. The country's capital needs about sixty thousand cubic meters of water. It now receives nine thousand square meters, which comes out of trouble and costly.

Independent charities carry out water-saving projects or water drainage projects. However, most do not have a disability. Because there is no plan, regular control, and monitoring. The experience tells us to resolve this issue above, we must implement the laws and regulations of the State of Water.

Over the past seven years, the government of Kulmiye has dug 200 wells, but apparently there is apparently growing mood across the regions. Water experts suggest that long boreholes are beneficial for water shortages.

As a result, we have started exploration with water in all areas. It's a great deal of financial, knowledge and modern technology. Government and the people, we need to integrate our power into larger waterways, across the region over the next five years.
6. Good governance and administration
We have established a limited government body, including new ministries, which will contribute to the development of the country and community service.

This government is operating in open transparency, which the people of the Republic of Somaliland can account for. Also, this Government is committed to building the capacity of government agencies and good governance.

As a whole, corruption is a national disaster and its problems include:
• It disrupts good governance.

• undermines public confidence in government agencies.

• Loses community services.
• Is adhering to the development.

Therefore, I declare to the public that the Somaliland people have no intention of this government, no matter how much corruption and mismanagement of public property. We will not be able to find more profits for the national responsibilities and to mislead the public's power.

We are planning programs for combating corruption, and we urge the international community to help us with any knowledge and skills to fight the National Disaster.

We are planning to strengthen regional and district administrations in the country, by enhancing their capacity for engagement and services.
7. Justice and Justice

The judiciary is an important part of the three dimensions that are based on the Somaliland government's structure: the legislative, the judiciary and the government. Justice is a system of co-ordinating relationships and social harmony. It is a system for protecting the stability and stability of the community. It's true that if justice and justice are bad, we can not stand up for this nation.

So if I am the party of the three state-of-the-art government, we and our government plan to improve and strengthen the Judiciary and Justice System, and there are currently ongoing reforms in the reform and development of justice system.

Our government will protect the rights of all citizens of Somaliland, in particular to safeguard the vulnerable segments of society, such as (women, disabled, children and low-energy people). We will focus on the delimitation of the relevant laws relating to the judiciary and the overall draft laws that the country needs. It is currently up to 15 legislators. We urge the Council to immediately approve the laws and regulations that we will soon bring to you, ensuring that these laws comply with the National Constitution.

8. Drought and Climate Change

The drought is not something that has ever been happening, but it's been around for a long time from 10 years to 20 years. This drought has been renowned for a very popular name known from the one to the end of the Somali territories. There was also a lot of rains in the drought. However, these droughts are coming back very quickly, and the rains have declined.

At the moment, the Somaliland people's deplorable appearance and the effects of the drought on the last drought that have lasted over the last few years have been alarming.
First of all, our government will not be able to deal with its heritage in dealing with the difficult and challenging conditions of the country's drought. I call upon the Somaliland people to become self-helpers who live together and help someone else.

Repeated drought and poor rainfall have caused a degeneration, and are linked to climate change. Therefore, it is important for us to change the lifestyle of our community and to make plans for us to prepare for the recurring drought. We also prevent environmental degradation, plants and wildlife. Implementing the National Environmental Policies and Policies.

Our government is planning to make preparations for the drought crisis, and the international community is calling on them to contribute to the recovery and recovery of the displaced drought, and let us pray for the suffering and his mercy pour it into us.
9. Elections

The political system of the multi-party system and democracy in our country has made it possible for us to pursue long-term elections. All of them are in peace. The last presidential elections in late last year. This election has changed dramatically and promoted the global political reputation and the international community's vision of our country.

Elections in our country cost a lot of money and a lot of financial pressure. For example, the latest presidential election and registration of voters, has costing up to 24 billion SL.SH (24 Million USD). Of these, 54 per cent of the money provided by the Republic of Somaliland, while the international support for the election and democracy provided 46%.

Ladies and gentlemen,

The National Electoral Commission introduced me to the action plan and the cost of the elections to the House of Representatives and the Local Authorities in conjunction with the reopening of voter registration, which is 16.7 billion SL. SH (16.7 Million USD).

Now, as a government we are committed to making these elections in the already-planned. Both elections were approved by the Parliament and approved by the Supreme Court of the Republic of Somaliland.

The Waddani party submitted a petition to the members of the National Electoral Commission on March 22, 2018, in the presidential election held by the November 13, 2017.

KDQ has implemented all applicable laws and procedures. They have set up all the committees and offices to implement the election, in accordance with the Electoral Law. They have been praised and praised by the international community for the country and abroad. NEC is testified to transparent, free and fair and held a presidential election, witnesses and the local International.

Therefore, I see a far-sighted debate, undermining the law, disrupting the process of elections.

10. Media

Ladies and gentlemen,

Media is a two-word sword. It is good to use the resources and resources of the country. We are ready for the government to develop and enhance the country's media. We plan to increase education and knowledge of journalists in the country's media.

The media, if used for incarceration and evil, creates national disasters. If good side is used, it builds up the nation. Freedom of press is secure, before they are free of any other citizen freedom. I urge the media to lead the country into peace, knowledge, social networking and development in the country.


The two presidents and the general public in Somaliland, I say here, the new government I am from the President, has taken great strides, including droughts and economies.

What our government is committed to bring about our plans and our commitment to dealing with the challenges we face, and that needs to be a waste of time and time. The people of Somaliland have the support of your circumstances.

I extend my sincere condolences to the families and friends of the people of Somaliland and the people of Somaliland and their people.

Translated and Reported 
Abdikarim Saed Salah 

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